Dr. Chao Fang

Dr. Chao Fang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, China

Very recently, one of our systems was yet again used in a ground-breaking research project which in time may positively impact clinical outcomes for patients.

Dr. Chao Fang’s research group from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, China has utilized our OxyLite Pro instrument with fiber-optic oxygen sensors to further understand if their platinum nanoparticles could produce oxygen within hypoxic tumor regions to improve photodynamic therapies.

This insightful paper, entitled “Biomimetic Liposomal Nanoplatinum for Targeted Cancer Chemophototherapy” was published in April 2021 in Advanced Science and uses both cell and murine models to validate their findings.

The article was summed up by the description of their research on the cover of the journal for the month of April:

Chao Fang, Hong‐Zhuan Chen, and co‐workers develop a biomimetic liposomal nano‐Pt for targeted cancer chemophototherapy. At the tumor site, oxygen produced by nano‐Pt catalyzation improves the verteporfin‐mediated photodynamic therapy, which in turn triggers the release of nano‐Pt via membrane permeabilization. The ultrasmall 3–5 nm nano‐Pt enables better penetration in tumors for enhanced chemotherapy.”

The Dr. Fang’s article was awarded with the cover photo within the April edition of Advanced Science and the team used the OxyLite Pro (above) to measure oxygen levels.

From the article: “H2O2 is produced at increased levels in tumors, which can be used as a source for O2 production using catalase (CAT)‐mimetics. Oxygen bubbles produced by nano‐Pt (either free or encapsulated in the liposomes) were visible by eye upon mixing H2O2 (Figure 2A). This O2 production was directly measured using an OxyLite Pro monitor with its fiber‐optic oxygen sensor (Oxford Optronix).”

Dr. Fang is a well-respected scientist in the area of using nano-medicines, as a smart system, for combined tumor targeted (multimodal) therapy to help in the fight against cancer. On top of using nano particles to help fight cancer directly, Dr. Fang’s team concentrates on other areas as well. One emphasis is on manipulating the microenvironments to make drugs more efficient and effective in the tissues they need to target. Another major focus of his team is working on nanobowl stabilization of liposomes to improve carrier stability and drug delivery. Through his various projects, Dr. Fang is publishing articles a few times a year in notable journals and is quickly allowing researchers and clinicians alike to realize the full potential of nano-medicines with every one of his discoveries.

The team at Oxford Optronix is proud to be able to contribute to Dr. Fang’s research and recent progress in nano-medicine with our OxyLite Pro system. We anticipate great things will keep being generated from this lab and wish Dr. Fang and his group continuous success within the nano-medicine field into the future…